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The pigment primarily responsible for everyone’s skin colour is melanin. Ultimately, everyone has the same skin colour- we just have varying skin tones. The two forms of melanin are eumelanin (brown to black) and pheomelanin (red to yellow). Their proportion determines skin tone.

So what would cause some people to have very dark skin while others’ skin is lighter? WHERE THEY LIVE MAKES A DIFFERENCE. For example, darker skin on people living in regions near the equator protects them from intense sunlight, reducing their risk of skin cancer. I guess it’s a kind of a self-defensive mechanism from the skin. People in higher latitudes where there is less intense sunlight need lighter skin to produce vitamin-D efficiently.

As people continue to spread, occupying varying regions, those who could not cope probably died or move out. Over many generations, these favorable characteristics became imprinted or carried in the gene pool, and the less favourable characteristics will be gradually displaced from the gene pool in the struggle for survival. Thus genetic variability between isolated population gradually diminished, hence achieving a kind of a more nearly uniformed gene characteristic as exhibited by same/similar races today.

Gradually as it is today, people with very light skin will give birth to light-skinned children, while people with very dark skin will usually give birth to dark-skinned children.

However, people with “middle brown” skin often have children with a much wider range of skin tones. Why? Because these “middle brown” people groups still have significant genetic variability with regard to skin tone.

Based on our understanding of the inheritance of skin tone, we strongly suspect Adam and Eve were middle brown. This would give the widest range of skin tones in their offspring, from very light to very dark.

We live in dangerous times. The lessons of babel have been forgotten. Arrogant leaders dare to do anything in the world today. And people excitedly jump on the bandwagon. And it seems that nothing whips up enthusiasm as much as some grandiose plan to unify all mankind into some great, worldwide empire. Think of the organizations that work to such an end: The United Nations, The World Trade Organization, the World Bank, and NATO. And there are so many others with similar agenda. But in Genesis 11:1-9, God makes it clear that the world will never enjoy real unity, except when they find it through Him. He is the Way, the Truth and the Light.

I’m glad I was able to share it all… 🙂

Have a beautiful day/night!!


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